Living Stones (Women Opening the Word Series)

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God wants to work an amazing transformation in your life. Transformed to look like Jesus, God longs to fill our hearts with Living Stone faith. Faith that is solid, strong, and surrendered. The world offers us a less-messy, less-costly version of faith—Pet Rock faith.

Living Stone faith or Pet Rock faith? That is the challenge and call of Peter’s message. Do we want living faith or easy faith? Do we want transformation or a top-coat? Do we want a faith that can move mountains or makes a pretty picture? Do we want a faith that looks like Jesus or looks at Jesus from a distance?

Pet Rock faith is easier—no mess, no fuss, no inconvenience, no cost. Living Stone faith is harder—obedience is required, surrender expected, and dying to self is a must, but in Living Stone faith we meet Jesus. We walk with Him, learn from Him, grow in Him, and live in all the richness, vibrancy, abundance, and blessing that comes from giving up what we can see in order to experience everything He has to show us.

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