Immeasurably More (Women Opening the Word Series)

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Most of us settle for "good enough" lives. As long as there is a little more happiness than sorrow, pleasure than pain, blessing than burden, satisfaction than sacrifice, we consider ourselves ahead of the game. But God never meant for us to live "good enough" lives. He longs for you to live so abundantly, so fully, so deeply in Him that your life overflows with His Immeasurably More.

Every day you get to pick your path — It’ll Do Lane or God’s Immeasurably More. The Book of Ephesians is your road map. It challenges you to set your sights higher, walk more confidently, pray more fervently, and kneel more humbly before a God whose greatest delight is to give you more of Himself than you could ever ask or imagine.

Part of a series designed to give women a disciplined, daily Bible study.

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