I Will Not Be Lukewarm - Rising Above Mediocrity

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We're surrounded by a world of mediocrity. This is a world of average people with average expectations of themselves and others. This "mediocrity" has found its way into the Lord's church and among the Lord's people. In her new book, I Will Not Be Lukewarm, author Dana Burk raises the question and asks each of us to honestly answer: "Will God be satisfied with mediocrity in our lives as Christians?"

She looks at what God expects from His children, not only "at church," but in our everyday lives and then challenges each of us to rise above mediocrity and recommit ourselves to become the zealous, on-fire followers of Christ that He intends us to be.

The book deals with "real" problems and offers practical solutions. You'll be asked to think in some ways you've not thought before and push yourself to be more than you presently are. This study has thirteen lessons with journal type thought questions and exercises throughout each lesson. Great for ladies Bible classes as well as personal study.

- Introduction: Becoming a Zealous, On-Fire Follower of Christ

  1. Surely God Doesn't Expect me to Do That!
  2. Fanatical, Obsessed, and Overly Zealous
  3. It's All About Me - Or is it?
  4. Luck has Nothing to Do with it - Some Thoughts on Relationships
  5. Walk Worthy of Your Vocation
  6. But I Would Have to Clean My House
  7. You Want Me to Be a Witness?
  8. I'll Have to Admit - Dealing with Depression
  9. Heaven is Real, but So Is Hell
  10. Just Going Home
  11. You Have an Appointment
  12. Me? Rob God?
  13. Am I a Lemon?

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