Fire In My Heart

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Considering the role God gives to gospel preaching, it impresses one with a sense of respect for that work. Equipping one's self to deliver this message to souls in need is an honorable task.

Fire In My Heart is a book for those with a burning desire to preach the gospel. Whether beginning this work or sharpening one's skills, these lessons from a seasoned gospel preacher will help improve one's preaching. Within the pages of this book Jarrod Jacobs explores the practical aspects of preaching. He guides the reader in how to practice the skill of preaching by emphasizing the heart of the biblical message, understanding the distinctions of day-to-day life, and the ability to connect the two. He shares his own experiences from preaching and concludes by offering sermons illustrating how these keys can be put to good use.

Preachers with a desire to improve their preaching will find valuable practical steps for the tremendous task of proclaiming God's word.

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