Night and Day: A Comparative Study of Christianity and Islam

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Night and Day is a comparative study between the teachings of the Bible and those of the Qu'ran. Additionally it focuses on the deity of Christ and demonstrates the error of Islam. This is both a workbook and a commentary on Islam and its founder, Muhammad. Although it is divided into 13 lessons for a full quarter of study there is plenty of material for studying the subject in-depth for two quarters.


  • People of the Book
  • With God its' All or Nothing
  • Searching "Scriptures"
  • Establishing Scriptural Authority in Islam and Christianity
  • Patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac, and . . . Ishmael?
  • Muhammad: The "Seal of the Prophets"
  • Muhammad and the Bible
  • Jesus Christ: Stumbling Block
  • The Lord our God is One
  • Who is Your Savior?
  • Afterlife: Hell, Heaven or Paradise
  • Spreading the Word: A Matter of Life and Death?
  • Night and Day (Review)

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