A Commentary on Revelation

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This volume fills an urgent need - a commentary on the Book of Revelation that is both fascinating and sensible.

With its whirl of mysterious signs, symbols, and visions, the Book of Revelation inevitably gives rise to a variety of interpretations. The author combines aspects of these views-futurist, continuous historical, philosophy of history, preterist, and historical background-but favors the latter.

The book has a concrete setting in a definite period of history and deals with very real problems faced by Christians of the period. The first section discusses the title, author, place of writing, symbolism, date, interpretations, theme and purpose of Revelation. The second section on the Roman Empire provides the historical background for the birth and early years of Christianity. The main section of the book offers a complete, passage-by-passage commentary.

Although firmly anchored in sound scholarship, it is not heavily footnoted, giving it the broadest possible appeal to serious students of God's Word.

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