Hermeneutics For Ordinary People

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This book does not claim to be on a par with such works as Dungan's classic Hermeneutics. Rather, Keith Sharp's book is for the ordinary Christian who wishes to better understand and apply the true meaning of the Scriptures.


  • The Importance of Bible Study
  • What the Bible Can Mean to You
  • How Do We Know We Have the Bible? Part 1 - Canon
  • How Do We Know We Have the Bible? Part 2 - Text
  • English Translations of the Bible - 1
  • English Translations of the Bible - 2
  • Translations: Dynamic Equivalence of Essentially Literal
  • The King James Only Controversy
  • Can We All Understand the Bible Alike?
  • Behold, A Sower Went out to Sow
  • Methods of Bible Study
  • The Rules of the Game
  • Rules of Biblical Interpretation
  • Figures of Speech Used in the Bible
  • The Authority of the Scriptures
  • The Two Covenants
  • How to Use the Old Testament
  • The Authority of Christ
  • Taught by God
  • Do We Need Scriptural Authority?
  • The Pattern of Sound Words
  • The Nature of Authority
  • How the Lord Expresses His Will
  • How to Tell What the Lord Requires
  • Faith and Opinion
  • Legalism?
  • Liberty
  • Gospel and Doctrine
  • Expediency

    130 pages, paperback.

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