Give Us A King: Old Testament Bible Lessons on CD


Reproducible Worksheets (CD) includes 2 sections; one for grades 1-4 and one for grades 5-8. Good for multi-age classes.

This workbook on CD explains the Israelites' rejection of God as their only king. Saul's rejection of God's laws and David's love for God become evident to students.

Lessons Include:

  • The Ark Was Returned
  • Stone of Help
  • Give Us A King
  • Saul Was the First King
  • Saul Disobeyed God
  • Samuel Anointed David
  • David Killed Goliath
  • David Loved Jonathan
  • David Escaped
  • David and Abigail
  • David Spared Saul's Life
  • Jonathan's Son
  • Review Questions (Who Wants to Be a Christian Heir? Game)

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