Following in Christ's Footsteps (Book of Mark) CD


Reproducible Worksheets (cd)

13 lessons for grades 1-4.

  • The birth of Christ is not Christmas
  • Obey God not commandments of men
  • Jesus already established His kingdom, the church
  • Grace does not negate the necessity of obedience

    Lesson Titles:

    1. The Birth of Christ
    2. Obey the Father
    3. Jesus, Son of God
    4. Miracles of the Son of God
    5. The Commandments of Men
    6. Hear Him
    7. A Spiritual Kingdom
    8. Destruction of Jerusalem
    9. A Weekly Reminder
    10. Not My Will, But Thine
    11. Denial and Repentance
    12. God's Grace
    13. He Arose

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