Ezra and Nehemiah CD


Reproducible Worksheets CD includes 2 sections; one for grades 1-4 and one for grades 5-8. Good for multi-age classes.

Written by Lisa Smith and John K. Wills, these lessons cover the rebuilding of the temple, walls and city of Jerusalem. Lisa has written an easy lesson text for very young students and a harder one for those up to grade six. She has included a large variety of activities, which emphasize various aspects of each lesson. John goes into much greater detail on each lesson topic in the text and activities for grades five through eight. Teachers with students in grades five and six may use the lessons by Lisa or John, depending on the students abilities and whether or not the class includes younger and/or older students.

Lesson Titles in this book:

  1. The Jews Left Babylon
  2. The Foundation Completed
  3. The Temple Completed
  4. Letter to Artaxerxes
  5. Ezra Traveled to Jerusalem
  6. Ezra Taught Repentance
  7. Nehemiah's Request
  8. Nehemiah Traveled to Jerusalem
  9. The Rebuilding of the Wall
  10. The Wall Completed
  11. Ezra Read the Law
  12. The Dedication of the Wall
  13. Nehemiah Demanded Reform

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