A Kingdom Divided OT Bible Lessons, CD


Reproducible Worksheets (cd) includes 2 sections - one for grades 1-4 and one for grades 5-8. Good for multi-age classes.

This set of 13 lessons teaches about the division of Israel into the Northern and Southern Kingdoms, and provides students with basic facts about the kings who served in the Southern Kingdom. Students are encouraged to begin reading the book of Psalms, and will be able to complete the project when using RWS #112. Each memory verse is taken from the section they read that week, and may be used with or without the reading assignments.

Lessons Include:

  • Kingdom to Divide
  • Bad Advice
  • Satan's Tricks
  • Abijah Died
  • Asa, King of Judah
  • Jehoshaphat, a Good King
  • Wicked Queen Athaliah
  • Joash, Child King
  • Uzziah Burned Incense
  • Good King Hezekiah
  • The Sundial Moved Backwards
  • Josiah, Another Child King
  • Jehoiakim Burned God's Word

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