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Good News For A Lost America - Downloadable Single User

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PDF (Single User) allows the convenience of being able to study the material anytime, anywhere - you will always have the material at your fingertips. May be stored electronically and printed for personal use.

About Good News For A Lost America 

We have enjoyed the freedoms and blessings of our wonderful country, America, for over two centuries. We choose where we work, where we live, who we associate with, what we buy and how we worship. We have more physical prosperity than any nation before us. But all is not well; the solid foundation of principles our forefathers built our nation upon cracks.

Values that once were widely held by Americans are being replaced by an ever-changing morality. We draw up battle lines between conservative and liberal values: between Republican and Democratic parties. We look to leaders for integrity, but we find corruption. We are confused about our purpose, destination and roles.

Somewhere we lost our way.

The current fruit is the product of seeds sown long before. Atheism steals our hope, causing widespread depression. Postmodernism steals our identity leading to massive confusion over moral issues such as abortion, sexuality and gender. Man-made religions steal our access to God leaving us unsure about who He is and how to please Him. Calvinism infects every major Christian denomination and steals our choice.

Christian Nationalism steals our true spiritual citizenship and polarizes our nation without a real means of resolution. Today, we feel the effects of belief systems established decades and even centuries ago. Americans need Good News.

The Bible often refers to the gospel and speaks of the Son of God as Jesus Christ. The terms gospel and Christ have somewhat lost their full effect through translation. Gospel translated literally means good news; it is an exciting message, full of hope and promise. Christ means the anointed; Jesus is God’s anointed; Jesus is the chosen one. That’s what the Bible is: God’s message of Good News of Jesus, the Anointed.

162 pages, paperback.

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