Amazed By Jesus: The Big Picture of the Life of Christ, Volume 1

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Lessons 1-9


Marc Hinds, the author of The Big Picture: A Guide to Learning the Bible's Story, brings readers a look into the life of Christ in this follow-up.

In Amazed by Jesus: The Big Picture of the Life of Christ, Vol. 1, readers will glimpse Christ's life from His miraculous birth through His Galilean ministry. With beautiful illustrations, helpful timelines, colorful maps, and photos from the Holy Land, you'll be fascinated by this look at Jesus' life and early ministry.


  • Lesson 1. Four Gospels, One Gospel
  • Lesson 2. "The Fullness of Time" (#1—3)
  • Lesson 3. Two Miraculous Births (#4—19)
  • Lesson 4. John the Baptist’s Ministry (#20—23)
  • Lesson 5. Jesus’ Ministry Begins (#24—30)
  • Lesson 6. Early Judean Ministry (#31—36)
  • Lesson 7. Early Galilean Ministry (#37—52)
  • Lesson 8. Middle Galilean Ministry (#53—71)
  • Lesson 9. Later Galilean Ministry (#72—95)


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