Evangelizing in the 21st Century

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Strategies for Bringing Souls to Christ Beyond the Pulpit

This book on personal evangelism is offered to those who have serious aspirations about doing personal evangelism in the 21st century. It delves deeply into the Biblical and historical backgrounds that gave rise to the subject. It is an analytical effort which will make you appreciate the author's more than fifty years in the field actively doing research in the subject.

Thus, this treatise is not for the casual reader. This book is for those who can objectively appreciate the deductions the author draws from not only his own hands-on experience, but also from more than 130 peers he has researched and cited to draw his conclusions.

You should be forewarned that the author will lay the axe to the root of most prior efforts in personal evangelism and explain why. He will not leave the reader hanging but will challenge him by outlining the path that he feels must be taken in the 21st century to fully accomplish the Lord's work.

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