Am I Ready? A Study of the Gospel for Young People

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What do we do when our nine-year old says "Mom, I want to be baptized?" We are thrilled and terrified all at once! Thrilled that this child wants to obey the Lord, but scared that he or she is not ready yet for this momentous step. What should parents do? Children growing up in faithful families can be expected to learn the steps of salvation rapidly, and to desire to do what pleases God. Yet we sense that knowing the "Five Steps of Salvation" really isn't enough. There has to be more to readiness, but what is that "more" and how can we know when a child is truly ready?

"Am I Ready" is a special workbook designed to fit this very scenario, and to answer these critical questions. This book helps a child and his/her parents assess readiness via five lessons. The lessons focus on the responsibilities of being a Christian and what the plan of salvation means, but even more, they focus on an understanding of personal sin and sinfulness. Perhaps best of all, they give the parent a ready answer to a child that early in life asks to be baptized.

The book is 5 lessons and 28 pages.

Lesson Includes:

  • Can Young People Really Be Christians?
  • Why Do I Need to Become a Christian?
  • God's Plan of Salvation
  • What Does It Mean to be a Christian?
  • Final Questions and Answers

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