From Beneath the Altar - Revelation

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A Commentary on Revelation with questions and Special Studies

There have been a host of books written on the Revelation of John. They range from fanciful to scholarly and from brief workbooks to lengthy treatises. Many are worthy studies but most seem to fall short of a consistent interpretation before the book is finished.

In this study the author, Carl McMurray, presents a logical, consistent, and Biblical view of the Apocalypse without getting bogged down in all the theories and interpretations that have been put forth. The central message of the book is brought home as each verse is addressed and special studies are included.

This work draws from the well of conservative scholarship and questions have been added on each chapter to make the book suitable for classroom work. The text of the New American Standard Bible is included for easy reference. As a Bible study resource or Bible study workbook, From Beneath the Altar has proven to be a readable and encouraging interpretation of this message of victory from the Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

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