The History of the Church (Teen/Adult 2:4)


Discovering God's Way - The History of the Church Teen/Adult Year 2, Book 4 Workbook By Earl Robertson and Earl Kimbrough If the statement is true (and it is) that “history has a way of repeating itself,” then every wise person will examine history. This workbook is written by two men whose knowledge of God’s Word and how it has been received and applied over two millennia will be an invaluable asset to all who read. Every Christian and every church needs to study this material. Table of Contents: 1. Jesus Built His Church 2. Church Growth and Persecution 3. Apostasy: Departure From the Faith 4. The Primitive Church and Worship 5. The Reformation Movement 6. Why So Many Churches? 7. The Restoration Movement 8. Do the Work of an Evangelist 9. Vigilance in Maintaining Doctrinal Purity 10. The Sacrifice of Commitment 11. Why Brethren Remain Divided 12. Attitudes in Controversy 13. Ongoing Work of Restoration