The Jesus Resolution

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The Jesus Resolution is the purpose for which you were created. It is God’s ultimate desire for you. It is the reason behind the cross and the empty tomb. God wants to transform you to look like Jesus. He wants to form within you a mirror image of Christ. Whether it is in the laundry room or kitchen, at work or the grocery store, God wants the way you move, work, serve, love, and play to resonate with the person of Jesus.

Join me in a resolution that is at the heart of who God is and who He calls us to be - The Jesus Resolution. Immerse yourself in Jesus. Let Him soak into every part of who you are. Walk through the simple moments of life and learn to see Jesus with new eyes. Hear His voice in the ordinary rhythm of your day. Discover the ways in which God calls you to His heart and His purpose in the midst of your regular routine. This is the promise and the challenge that God sets out before us. Be His. Be like His Son. Accept the invitation, found in this collection of 120 devotional thoughts, for the amazing transformation that occurs when we strive to look like Jesus in each moment of every day.

Make The Jesus Resolution.

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