Mormonism - Will It Stand the Test

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After Joseph Smith founded the Mormon Church in 1830, he was gunned down by an angry mob fourteen years later as he tried to escape a jail following his arrest. The next few years continued to be tumultuous for the church as well as for Smith's successor, Brigham Young.

On a Sunday afternoon, May 18, 1873 in a discourse given in the Mormon Tabernacle in Odgen Utah, Mormon Prophet Brigham Young challenged his church's opponents with this statement: "Take up the Bible, compare the religion of the Latter-Day-Saints with it, and see if it will stand the test."

Mormonism Will It Stand The Test is the result of many years of research. Rather than relying on a feeling or "a burning in the bosom" as our Mormon friends contend to confirm the authenticity of the Book of Mormon, we need to do as Brigham Young suggested, and test it. But before a test can be performed, we must determine how to test it. Whatever means that we use to authenticate the accuracy and claims of the Bible can also be used to do the same with the Book of Mormon.

In this book the author lays out a very simple way that the Bible can be tested and then applies that same test to the Book of Mormon. By reading this book you can not only learn how to perform this test, but will see if Mormonism "will stand the test".

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