Understanding Apocalyptic Literature

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The book of Revelation seems to provoke two responses; obsession or terror. For some, the book is a playground they can never leave, as they find speculative theories about the end of the world and Christ's second coming. At the other extreme are those so afraid of Revelation's signs and symbols that they decide to avoid the book entirely. Understanding Apocalyptic Literature: A Guide to the Book of Revelation charts a different course. While Revelation is an unusual book for today's reader, it was not that different from other apocalyptic works circulating in the New Testament times. An understanding of such material is foundational to approaching Revelation as its first readers did. Insight into the apcalyptic genre helps us realize why books like Revelation were written, what they were (and were not) meant to do, and what such works hoped to accomplish. That is this book's goal: to help you read Revelation as the first century disciples did. Long ago, the inspired message of Revelation fueled its original readers' commitment, zeal and perseverance. A better understanding of how apocalyptic literature works can help Revelation do the very same for you today.