Reaching Forward: WordPoints Daybook Series, Volume 4

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Daily Motivation to Move Ahead More Steadily

Reaching Forward takes the book buyer to a new place: where the elegance of classic devotion meets the tough-mindedness of today’s readers. Written by Gary Henry, author of the best-selling Diligently Seeking God, each page offers a brief essay framed by scripture text and a literary quotation. Reaching Forward contains 366 daily meditations on heaven, the highest hope of the human heart.

These readings will pull you out of the past and give you a higher vision of tomorrow, while reminding you of today’s simple duties. Whoever you are, you’ve made mistakes. But you also have a future—and that future depends upon the choices you are making right now. This book goes beyond spiritual theory into the practical realm of day-to-day decisions. Are you ready to reach for the better things? What about the best things?

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