Keeping Your Balance

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Finding the Peaceful Middle Ground in a World of Extremes

Are you balanced or imbalanced? One out of four Americans is imbalanced. Think of your three closest friends. If they're okay, you're in trouble! The world has many solutions to our out-of-sync lives - pocket planners, closet organizers, books about time management, to-do lists - but ultimately none of them will work. We need to look beyond our overcrowded scheduled and misplaced priorities to find the real solution - a life focused on Jesus.

That's what Keeping Your Balance, Nancy Eichman's 13-week Bible study, is all about. By understanding how our Lord lived a well rounded life - mentally, physically, spiritually and socially - we can find our equilibrium.


  1. Beyond the Rat Race
  2. Overwhelmed
  3. Choosing the Better Part
  4. Rocks in Your Jar
  5. How Crazy Is Your Quilt?
  6. Time Matters
  7. Save, Scrimp or Squander?
  8. Stuffing Your Stuff
  9. Giving Your Gifts Back
  10. Running on Empty
  11. Meeting Your Best Friend
  12. Relating to Your Relatives
  13. They'll Know We Are Christians
  14. End-notes

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