Hall Marks: Lights in the World

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This collection of Sewell Hall's writings is a treasure of practical spiritual counsel drawn from the great overarching themes of Scripture. The spirit of his writing is always positive and hopeful as befits the gospel, yet he does not hesitate to to reprove attitudes and activities that betray God's great purpose for our lives. You will be moved by his passion for unsaved people both at home and abroad, by his longing to help his readers get a clearer and more biblical picture of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and by his great love and admiration for "ordinary" Christians who, in God's great strength, do extraordinary things.

300 pages with almost 100 articles under the headings:

  • Lights in the World
  • Light from the Past
  • Light from the Text
  • Light on Moral Issues
  • Light on Religious Issues
  • Light for Daily Life
  • Light for God's People
  • Light for Preachers
  • Light in Controversy
  • Light on Humility
  • Light at Home

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