Each Little Dewdrop Book

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New Songs for Young Hearts

Thirty-four children's Bible songs in this little songbook suitable for children ages 1-8.

Perfect for Bible classes, vacation Bible school, home schoo,l or at-home family times. Music notation in shaped notes. Plus, fun learning illustrations are suitable as coloring pages. Each Little Dewdrop music CD also available for class or home use.

Songs include books of the Old and New Testaments:

  • Genesis
  • When and Who and What Did He Do?
  • Creation
  • Pham-i-li-Treez
  • Enoch Walked with God
  • Noah Was a Man of God
  • The Lord Had a Place Instead
  • Exodus
  • Fire on the Mountain
  • Leviticus
  • Numbers
  • Deuteronomy
  • Joshua
  • Judges
  • Give Us a King!
  • Elijah Spoke for God
  • God's Servant Job
  • God Knows Me
  • Isaiah's Call
  • Ezekiel Saw a Vision
  • The Valley of Dry Bones
  • Oh, No!
  • Obadiah
  • Jonah! Jonah!
  • Baby Jesus Lay in a Manger
  • The Twelve Apostles
  • Satan is a Liar
  • My Sheep Hear My Voice
  • I Am the Way
  • Eutychus
  • I Cannot Reach the Stars
  • We Are Part of God's Plan
  • Each Little Dewdrop

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