George Salmon's The Infallibility of the Church: A Compendium

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""The Infallibility of the Church" originated as a series of lectures mainly by Salmon. About the year 1870 he committed these speeches to writing. The singular aim of this booklet is to make the unparalleled, critical examination of the Catholicism available to a generation that knows not Salmon. The 500 page original has been condensed to a 96 page outline. Hopefully this work will serve as a springboard for anyone wishing to investigate the basic premise of Roman Catholicism - Infallibility - in greater detail."

Kenny Chumbley "Salmon's "Infallibility" examines the Church Infallibility and the Papal Infallibility phases of the doctrines' development. His reasoning is not vague, nor are his facts fabricated. The reading is not difficult. His arguments against Church and Papal Infallibility are simple and, to this reader, conclusive. I have had many a discussion with literate Roman Catholic friends who seemed totally taken aback by the questions posed in this work. Kenny Chumbley has performed a real service to serious students who may have lacked access to Salmon's lectures. The reading of this summary should promote interest in the total work." Pat Hardeman

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