Memoirs Of Alexander Campbell

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Memoirs Of Alexander Campbell (Two Volumes in One)

Selina Huntington Campbell, Alexander Campbell's second wife, said of Richardson's "Memoirs", "Never were more truthful, faithful memoirs penned or traced by mortal hands than those put on record by the beautiful writer and truly interesting chronicler, Dr. Robert Richardson. The work will live and be read with interest and admiration when this generation shall have passed away."

The book, as Mrs. Campbell pointed out, is "descriptive of his youthful life and parental training, and of his coming to this country; afterwards of his travels and writings, his labors both at home and abroad, until a short time previous to his death." Although a century has passed since she wrote this tribute to Richardson's masterful work, time has proved her to be correct.

No matter how many books are added to the growing collection of materials about Campbell and the work he inspired, Richardson's "Memoirs" continues as an important source book for students of the restoration movement.

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