J. D. Tant: Texas Preacher

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J. D. Tant: Texas Preacher Out of the smoke and fire of a civil war battlefield he rose, into the wild frontiers of Texas in the 1870's! Methodist circuit-rider, bronc rider, school teacher, farmer, debater - and gospel preacher, this is the story of one of the most colorful men of his colorful generation, a story that will be read by generations yet to come! "JD Tant - Texas Preacher" 

That is how he introduced himself and that is what he was. He had a job to do, and he gave his life to doing it. And through it all he retained such a zest for living, such pure unbounded pleasure in simply being alive and kicking that his huge enjoyment was contagious. Life in his presence, but it was never dull! To him, life was solemn and serious business - yet with a hilarious undercurrent that was always right on the verge of taking over.

In this book the author lets you share the life of JD Tant. You ride beside him through the long, lonely nights as he pushes his Texas pony to the limit to reach some preaching appointment. You weep with him in agony at the death of a son when he is hundreds of miles away from home. You feel with him the stinging humiliation of being rejected by a girl to whom he had proposed marriage after the death of his first wife.

More than once you will finds tears on your cheeks. Even more often you will have to stop reading to control your laughter! This is a story to thrill the heart, a story that covers the whole range of human emotions. It is a story of fabulous success and popularity, coupled with tragedy and heartbreak. It is the story of the man who was dedicated to God, and whose spirit could never be broken.

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