In Memoriam

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In Memoriam

In Memory of and with Honor to Great Gospel Preachers who gave their lives to help spread the Gospel in all the world. "It is fitting to pay "honor to whom honor is due." I know of no greater men that those who have given themselves to preaching the gospel of Christ. The fruits of Christianity can be seen in the great men that it has produced. Great, not according to the standards of the world, but according to the standards of true greatness.

In this book "In Memoriam" you will find sketches of men who had great learning, men who had sacrificed and suffered, men who had lived and suffered, men who lived and labored for the Lord, men who were aglow with zeal for God and who displayed such moral courage that they may be numbered among the heroes of earth. The preachers of the gospel who are given a place on these pages represent the diversities and varieties of traits of character that have graced the modern pulpit. A great preacher of the gospel is a gift from God to the church and to the generation which he served.

In this book you will find one hundred and fifty stories with pictures to match. Family members and friends will cherish this book for decades to come. It is hoped that the lives of these great men portrayed in this book will live on and that their influences will be felt for good for many years." - Gussie Lambert

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