BTB Psalms

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A 17 lesson workbook covering the Psalms.

This is a great workbook to cover the Psalms. Psalms has always been a challenging class study. This book is designed to educate students about the Psalms and help them get the most out of their personal reading.

Lesson Titles:

  • Introduction to the Book of Psalms
  • Structure and Form of the Book of Psalms
  • Unique Nature of Hebrew Poetry
  • Psalm 1 and 150: Import of First and Last Psalms
  • Finding Israel's Historical Roots in the Psalms
  • The 23rd Psalm
  • Psalm's Relating to David's Life
  • The Messianic Psalms - 1
  • The Messianic Psalms - 2
  • The Imprecatory Psalms
  • Psalms of Lament
  • Psalm 119: The Word of God From A to Z
  • Using Psalms to Improve Our Praying
  • The Hallelujah or Praise Psalms
  • The Psalms of Thanksgiving
  • The Penitential Psalms or Songs of the Sinner
  • The Royal Psalms

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