New Testament Books Made Simple

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Wouldn't it be great if someone would break it down into bite-sized chunks for us! Well, Dr. James Smith has done just that! In The New Testament Books Made Simple, he takes us through each book of the New Testament opening up its contents and significance in a dynamic and straightforward approach!

The letters of SPEAK will be an acronym to outline introductory material:

  • S=Situation
  • P=Plan (How the book is structured)
  • E=Eternal Purpose
  • A=Acclaim for Jesus
  • K=Keys

Under the heading HEAR, outstanding chapters and versus in each book are suggested. Whether you are new to the Bible or a seasoned teacher of the Word, Smith's clear thinking, crisp writing, and depth of insight will dramatically add to your understanding of Scripture. His use of memory keys, charts, lists, and more will help you keep what you learn for years to come and have you coming back to this resource again and again.

The New Testament Books Made Simple has 177 pages and 14 Chapters.

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