CD - Praise Hymn #9: Worship

SKU 17824
  1. You Are Holy (Prince of Peace)
  2. Come Let Us Worship and Bow Down
  3. Worship the Lord with Gladness
  4. Be Exalted O God (Chambers)
  5. You Raise Me Up
  6. Be Still and Know
  7. Knowing You
  8. I Can Depend on You
  9. Like a River
  10. Jesus Flow Like a River
  11. Just As I Am-O Holy Lamb
  12. Worthy Is the Lamb
  13. Communion Prayer
  14. Be Exalted O God (Young)
  15. Lord Be There
  16. I Will Never Be the Same Again
  17. Open the Eyes of My Heart
  18. When I Look Into Your Holiness

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