CD - Praise Hymn #6: Rejoice

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Praise Hymn. Praise Hymnal Richland Hills Singers

This album contains a cappella recordings of Praise and Worship songs. It is the sixth of twelve albums that match the Praise Hymnal series.
  1. Light the Fire
  2. Ancient of Days
  3. Hear O Israel
  4. The Greatest Command
  5. Jesus Let Us Come
  6. Resurrection Power
  7. Blessed Jesus
  8. Worthy of Glory
  9. In Remembrance
  10. I Am a Sheep
  11. Lord From Your Hand
  12. Rejoice for the Steps
  13. Lovely Lord
  14. Jesus What a Beautiful Name
  15. The Battle Belongs to the Lord
  16. Faithful Love
  17. You’re the One

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