The Story File: 1,001 Contemporary Illustrations for Speakers, Writers & Preachers (with CD Rom)

SKU 1565635248

This book and CD-ROM set includes contemporary, seeker-sensitive illustrations drawn from current sources—magazines, newspapers, sports, movies, today’s headlines and more.

Over 125 different categories of topics are included—from Ability and Adversity to Values and Worry. The CD-ROM contains over 1,001 illustrations that can be sorted by category, topic, or scripture verse. It also provides a handy way to copy and paste content into other documents such as sermons, or lesson plans. Another helpful feature is that the Add your own illustrations function and the rating system for illustrations allows for the creation and expansion of a personalized story database.

CD-ROM requires Windows 98, 95, NT, or later, 16 MB RAM, minimum 7MB hard disk space, CD-ROM drive.

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