The Life of Paul CD

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Reproducible Worksheets (book) RWS-PS #206


RWS-PS #206, The Life of Paul, by Lisa Smith, will properly teach your preschoolers about the great apostle Paul.  They will travel with him through many adventures and see God's power working in his life.  Lisa uses many types of activities to plant the teaching firmly in the minds of students, such as:  multiple choice questions with pictures to circle, matching like items from the story, sequencing, mazes, coloring pages, gluing, and filling in the blanks with words from a "Word Bank" for older students.  

Lessons Include:

  • Saul's Conversion
  • Escape In a Basket
  • Paul and Barnabas Help Others
  • Elymas, a False Prophet
  • Paul Healed a Lame Man
  • Lydia's Baptism
  • Jailor Taught about Jesus
  • Paul in Athens
  • Tent-Making
  • Paul Did a Miracle
  • Be of Good Cheer
  • Paul's Nephew Helped
  • Shipwrecked

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