The Kingdom is the Church - CD

Reproducible Worksheets CD for Grades 1-4 RWS books are spiral bound with 13 lessons per book and include Teachers' Instructions, teaching text, crossword puzzles, word searches, codes, cut and paste, true and false, multiple choice, etc. KJV or NKJV . Written for churches of Christ. CDs have 13 lessons per CD. Same content as the books. This workbook explains the "Keys to the Kingdom" and the establishment of the church. Lesson Titles: 1. Keys to the Kingdom (with flip chart) 2. The Lame Man 3. By What Power? 4. Barnabas Shared 5. Gamaliel's Defense 6. Stephen's Sermon 7. The Kingdom Is Here Now 8. Philip in Samaria 9. The Ethiopian Is Saved 10. Learning From Paul 11. Barnabas, a Loving Disciple 12. Dorcas Was a Worker 13. Cornelius