The Gospel for Ten to Teen - Student Lessons

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Thirteen individual lessons for ages 10 to 15 on the gospel of Christ and how to prepare for life's "final exam." A study for junior high youth concerning the simple message of the gospel, the tragedy of sin, how to become a child of God, and preparing for life's "final exam." Stresses the need to "listen to Jesus" (through Bible study) as they struggle with peer pressure, false doctrines and the everyday problems which constantly confront this age group.

The last page of each lesson provides questions and other activities suitable for Bible class. The individual lessons make this work ideal for Bible class or as an outreach correspondence study for non-church youth.

Lessons Include:

  • What is Life?
  • Who are You God?
  • The Gospel
  • God Said "Listen to Jesus"
  • God Cares About Youth
  • The Bible - An Exciting Book!
  • What is This Thing Called Sin?
  • Faith in God
  • Should I Be a Christian?
  • How To Become a Child of God
  • Growing in Christ
  • The Christian Life
  • The Final Exam

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