The Bible, the Saint & the Liquor Industry

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This book looks at the liquor industry and its impact on the church and unbelievers.

  • Does the saint have the Bible's approval to support the liquor industry?
  • Does "not given to much wine" mean moderate amounts of intoxicating drink is approved by God?
  • Did the word "wine" always mean "intoxicating wine"?
  • Many have said non-intoxicating wine was unknown to the ancients - is that true?
  • What does the parable of the wineskins prove conclusively?
  • Does grape juice just naturally become intoxicating wine?
  • Does the Talmud say anything about attempts to keep wine unfermented?
  • If the saint has God's approval to drink intoxicating wine, has he the right to share or sell it? These and many other questions are discussed in this book.