The Adoption Decision: 15 Things You Want to Know Before Adopting

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In North America, more and more families are adding members through adoption. And there are more ways to adopt—and kinds of adoption—than ever. This quick–start resource will help prospective parents consider key emotional and spiritual issues up front...before they plunge into the near–overwhelming mass of details and start to run into roadblocks, even dead ends.

Laura Christianson—an adoption educator and mentor, and an adoptive mom herself—brings her experience and knowledge to address unspoken but crucial questions about...

  • Loving an adopted child
  • Extended family’s reaction
  • Expenses
  • Openness in adoption
  • The role of birth parents
  • Physical disabilities
  • Emotional/behavioral challenges
  • Racial and cultural prejudices
Recounting real–life miracles and mishaps of adoptive families, the author will help prospective parents—and their friends and family members—think through adoption’s challenges and joys, and confidently move forward from a firm emotional and spiritual footing.