Secret Keeper - Delicate Power of Modesty

SKU 18756

With Victoria's Secret is now targeting 18-24 year-olds with the PINK line. Abercrombie & Fitch is successfully selling clothing through a catalog available only to those 18 and over. The need for a clear voice on modesty has never been greater.

In this reformatted, bestselling book on modesty, teen and twenty-something young women are given actual pictures and examples of modern clothing-a modesty fashion show, of sorts. Dannah's approach to explaining the critical nature of modest is both cool and relevant. The photos will also show the girls how to take the 'Truth or Bare Fashion Tests.'

In essence, this will provide concrete, 'how-to' modest dressing skills. Brand new products to this line are the Secret Keeper Devos and Power Pak!

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