Revelation's Rhapsody: Listening to the Lyrics of the Lamb

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How to Read the Book of Revelation

Have you ever begun to read the book of Revelation only to be defeated by a swirling set of bewildering images: winged creatures, beast, trumpets, the number 666? Are you ever puzzled at the way some use the book to predict the future, from interpreting the most recent events in the Middle East to pinpointing the date of Christ’s return? Do you believe that Revelation has nothing to do with your life as a follower of Jesus? If so, then this volume of guidelines for interpreting John’s message is for you.

Revelation's Rhapsody has been written out of compassion for those who have tried to read, understand, and apply the book of Revelation and who have abandoned hope of ever understanding it. Written out of concern because many disciples of Jesus are obsessed with using Revelation to know and control the future. Written out of conviction that Revelation’s message needs to be heard and obeyed by God’s people.

Revelation's Rhapsody challenges readers, motivates them, to go deeper into Revelation. The author believes that a deeper understanding of Revelation produces better equipped disciples of Jesus in light of the future God has revealed for his people.

Revelation's Rhapsody is an illuminating volume of guidelines for interpreting Revelation: what John was seeing and the message he was passing on from Christ to his readers. Founded on solid scholarship, this accessible and friendly work avoids unnecessary technical jargon and an ivory tower’s detachment from believers and the conditions of our world. Lowery balances the desire to apply the book to today with an appreciation for how the original audience would have understood it.

Revelation's Rhapsody helps the reader delve into the mystery of Revelation and discover a clear, easily understood message intended for Christians of every century.

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