Quicknotes Christian History Guidebook

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Discover your spiritual roots. Appreciate the sacrifices that brought you to this point of faith. This reader-friendly resource will help you better understand and appreciate your Christian faith. Inside, you'll find informative and intriguing sections such as:

  • The Roots of the Christian Church: From Abraham through Rome
  • The Life of Christ: His ministry, disciples, death, resurrection, and legacy
  • The Early Church: From Pentecost to persecution
  • The Roman Empire and Middle Ages: Emperors, popes, cathedrals, and crusades
  • The Reformation: The work of Luther, Calvin, Knox, and the Puritans
  • Revolutions and Revivals: From the American Revolution to the twentieth century
  • The Twentieth Century: Pentecostalism, fundamentalism, Bible translations, and missions
The Quick-notes Christian History Guidebook is a one-stop reference library on where you came from - and who you are today.

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