Premillennialism: Examined And Refuted - Downloadable Congregational Use PDF

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Workbook PDF (Congregational Use) authorizes a congregation to share the electronic file of the workbook with its members and make multiple printed copies for their congregation's class use.

About Premillennialism: Examined and Refuted What is premillennialism? “Pre” (before), “millennial” (1,000 years), and “ism” (belief). Premillennialism is a doctrine teaching the coming of Jesus to establish an earthly kingdom and reigning 1,000 years before the final judgment. Aspects of this doctrine include the resurrection, rapture, second coming of Christ, destruction of the world, last judgment, and new heavens and new earth. This study is an examination of the doctrine of premillennialism in light of the teaching of God’s Word. This study encourages one to listen to God’s Word, not speculation.

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