PowerPoint - Islam & Christianity

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Islam & Christianity PowerPoint™ compares the basic beliefs of Muslims with those held by Christians. It is an excellent teaching tool for individuals or groups who want to understand the basic beliefs of the Islamic faith. This bestselling PowerPoint® is ready to use and provides in-depth teacher's notes, 12 pages of worksheets, and student handouts. An excellent study for preparation in reaching out to Muslims without offending cultural sensitivities. More than one billion people around the world follow the teachings of Muhammad and Islam.

The Islam & Christianity PowerPoint™ assists pastors, teachers and those interested in discovering the concepts that Christians and Muslims may have in common and those that are different. It will also equip mission-minded believers to avoid common witnessing mistakes and to be more successful in sharing their faith with Muslims. Discover what Muslims have been taught about Christianity and how to answer their questions and concerns.

The PowerPoint™ covers topics such as:

  • The founder, dates, and location of important Islamic events
  • Salvation and paradise
  • Who God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are to Muslims
  • Key writings and scriptures
  • Prophets
  • The role of women
The Islam & Christianity PowerPoint® compares the basic teachings and beliefs of Islam and Christianity using three perspectives:
  • "What Muslims Believe"
  • "What Christians Believe"
  • "How to Correct Misunderstanding."
With these three perspectives in mind, the Islam & Christianity PowerPoint® tackles these eight key areas: Religious History Who God is The Holy scriptures The prophets Practices and rituals Salvation and Paradise The role of women Religion and culture

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