Perpetual Calendar: Fierce Love

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What is fierce? Does the word make you think of a hungry lion, a roaring waterfall, a military commander? If so, you may just be right. God's love for each of His children is fierce like the wildest animal, powerful like the hugest hurricane, and determined as a warrior leading troops into battle. Turn the page each day and be reminded of the truth that His love for you is fierce.


Sample copies:

  • February 24 Scripture: I love You, O Lord, my strength. Psalm 18:1 NIV
  • June 17 You may not know how to protect yourself from evil, but you can pray. And you'll experience God as your shield.

    Product Details:

    • Size: 13.49 x 13.97 x 3.17cm"
    • 366 inspirational messages
    • Assorted Scripture text
    • Padded cover Spiral binding
    • Easel stand

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