Nave's Complete Word Study Topical Bible

by AMG
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By Orville Nave and Warren Baker Orville J. Nave originally published his topical Bible in 1896, while he was serving as an army chaplain. Eleven years later, it was revised and published as Nave's Topical Bible. With Bible references organized under more than 22,000 topics and subtopics, his work has become a classic reference tool for every Christian's library. Unlike a concordance, which list references under the words of Scripture, Nave listed them under topics, allowing the reader quick access to what the Bible says about people, topics, and places. Nave's Complete Word Study Topical Bible represents a new and revised edition of Nave's wonderful reference tool. The text has been completely reset in a layout that is easy to read and easy to follow. And, in an effort to make this tool more useful overall, the Nave's Complete Word Study Topical Bible cites the KJV text of Scripture for almost every single-verse reference under every topic. This gives the reader a quicker review of what the Bible says about each topic. The references for longer passages are merely listed in the work, so that the user can do an in-depth study of any topic. Not only have the Scripture passages been restructured and the type reset, but also the entire text is provided for you in popular Bible software program on a CD found at the back of the book. Features Include:
  • Complete alphabetical listings of topics
  • The text has been completely reset in an easy-to-read type
  • Words of Christ are underlined for easy identification
  • The complete word study Translation Guide lists every English word found in the KJV Bible, and gives Strong's numbers for these words in the original languages (Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek), that were translated by that English word in the text of the KJV Bible.
  • Almost every reference to a single verse has the accompanying text with it.