MP3 Audio Bible KJV - Voice Only (Stephen Johnston)

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Demand for audio books is skyrocketing—stock the most portable audio Bible available! Cutting-edge recording technology delivers a crystal-clear reading of God’s Word on only three CDs. Enjoy Stephen Johnston’s powerful narration of the King James Version —72 hours instantly accessible via MP3 device, computer, or MP3-enabled CD or DVD player. Packaged in a take anywhere protective case. Windows or Macintosh compatible. Audio CDs hold just over one hour of reading—MP3-format CDs hold over 25. Get all sixty-six books of Scripture on only three CDs!

  • Disc 1: Genesis–Kings
  • Disc 2: 2 Kings–Jeremiah
  • Disc 3: Lamentations–Revelation

A translation as richly poetic as the King James Version deserves a powerful reading and clear audio rendering. The KJV Bible on MP3 delivers.


  • Voice only—no musical background
  • Re-voiced
  • Re-mastered
  • Introductions to each book of the Bible


  • 32 MB of RAM or higher
  • 25 MB of free hard drive space (to load software onto computer hard drive)
  • 1.9 GB to save entire file to hard drive

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