MP3 Audio Bible KJV - Stephen Johnson

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Stephen Johnston has been narrating and producing television, radio and audio Bible products since 1981. In the past three decades, over 100 million cassettes, CDs and DVDs of his narrations and productions have been sold worldwide. Awards for his narrations include the Emmy, New York Film Critics Award, the Thomas Jefferson Award from the Freedoms Foundation of Valley Forge, the National Silver Microphone Award, and the Army Commendation Medal for work in the American Forces Radio and Television Service while in Army.
  • Complete King James Bible on CD and DVD
  • DVD
    • Includes all the files on one DVD
    • Easily loaded onto Macintosh or Windows computer with DVD-ROM drive
    • Compatible with newer MP3 devices (128 kbs sample rate)
    • Can be played on MP3-enabled DVD player
    • Includes PDF listening plans for devotional reading which can also be loaded as playlists.
  • Three CD-ROMs
    • playable on MP3 enabled CD or DVD player, PC and MAC CD-ROM drives.
    • Compact MP3 files (64 kbps sample rate) require only 1.9 GB.
  • Book introductions

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