Let Me Grieve But Not Forever

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On June 28, 1987, four Dallas-based Christian leaders were killed in an airplane crash as they were returning from a Focus on the Family retreat in Montana:

  • George L. Clark, chairman of the board and CEO of MBank
  • Dr. Trevor E. Mabery, a surgeon who helped found Humana Hospital-Medical City
  • Hugo W. Schoelkopf III, an entrepreneur and sporting goods manufacturer
  • Creath Davis, founder and director of Christian Concern Foundation.

Among the losses their families shared, Creath's wife, Verdell, also lost part of her identity: No longer was she a pastor's wife, and no longer was she sure what she believed.

This deeply moving book, gleaned from parts of journals that she kept during the loss of her husband, offers a source of hope and healing for anyone experiencing grief. With remarkable honesty, courage, and generosity, she shares how to examine grief and, ultimately, find healing in the process.

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