Kings & A Queen Timeline with Maps

SKU 1932203257

A spiral bound 11" x 17" timeline covering the United Kingdom and Divided Kingdom with corresponding laminated maps. This unfolds to a 33" x 17" timeline showing details of the kings and queen who reigned during this time period. The Kings and a Queen Timeline with Maps shows an accurate timeline from the United Kingdom up to the Babylonian captivity.

Colorful graphics capture even the busiest child. Corresponding maps for both the United and Divided Kingdoms as well as the Assyrian and Babylonian captivity show where these events took place. You don't know how to pronounce the the kings' names? Worry no more. There is a pronunciation guide included on the timeline. If you are wondering how to show your child when in history the United and Divided Kingdom took place, we've included a complete timeline from Eden to the end of time and indicated in purple the time frame this covers.

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