Joy in the Morning

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Trials come into our lives whether or not we are Christians. Some trials are easier to overcome, while others seem insurmountable. After the death of her daughter, Angie, Mrs. Hanna decided to write a book to reach out to people who are also facing difficult times. It is her goal to help you discover, with the help of God's Word, how you can travel on the journey from sorrow to joy in the morning.

Joy in the Morning is truly the book the subtitle describes: Overcoming Grief and Trials. Most chapters begin with a vivid description of everything from the call informing the Hannas of the death of their daughter, to the dark night of sorrow, through seeking and finding answers in God's Word regarding why Christians suffer, reaching the point of being comforted with precious memories, being able to do good for others, reaching out to those who are also suffering, and finally coming to joy in the morning.

The main portion of the book highlights various individuals in the Bible who overcame trials, as well as those who set great examples of love and faithfulness to God, and how we can learn from their experiences.

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